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Green Hydrogen: Disruptive Innovation for Net Zero

Climate change is one of the biggest threats in our lifetime. The world needs transformative change to address the problem, through innovative technologies and approaches that help to achieve a climate-neutral, Net Zero future. Watch our feature video below, and learn about the AquaHydrex vision for a greener, more sustainable world. In the video, Mike Ahearn, Co-founder and Chairman of First Solar, and Founder and Managing Partner of True North Venture Partners (investors in AquaHydrex), and Board Chair of AquaHydrex, explains how the cost-effective production of Green Hydrogen at scale can help get us to Net Zero.

Decarbonization White Paper

The production of chemicals and fuels can be completely transformed from fossil inputs to being based on renewable electricity through Green Hydrogen. The paper will describe the thermodynamics and synthetic pathways of some key routes to making clean chemicals and fuels and will show how these new approaches can be economically advantaged.

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