Green Hydrogen for a Net Zero Future

AquaHydrex Overview

AquaHydrex is purpose-built to deliver an idealized platform for producing Green Hydrogen.


We’re on a mission to help the planet achieve Net Zero.

We are helping the world use renewable energy to achieve total decarbonization by providing an idealized technology platform to convert zero carbon electricity to the ideal zero carbon molecule: Green Hydrogen.


Our Story

AquaHydrex was formed in 2012 by True North Venture Partners, a purpose-built operational investing firm for creating disruptive innovations that will help the world to achieve a clean and sustainable future.

True North founded and scaled First Solar, one of the world’s leading alternative energy providers. AquaHydrex is leveraging True North’s operational rigor and best practices through a great mix of young and proven talent inside the company to achieve transformation in Green Hydrogen.


AquaHydrex starts work in Wollongong, Australia, focused on developing novel, high efficiency electrodes in a low capex electrolyzer format.


AquaHydrex opens facility in Colorado, expanding the work on efficient, high performance electrolysis.


Company realization that the entire electrolysis system needs to be redesigned, to complement the high-performance electrodes and to achieve an idealized solution for Green Hydrogen.


Initial proof-of-concept of clean-sheet redesign of electrolysis to achieve an ideal electrolysis platform for Green Hydrogen.


At scale prototypes that validate a disruptive thesis and board-approved decision to move to commercialization.

Leadership Team

The AquaHydrex management team is made up of savvy entrepreneurs, proven scientists & engineers, and business builders, bringing years of experience to the company. The team cultivates our strong culture and commitment to helping the world achieve Net Zero.


Welcome New Investors!

AquaHydrex Welcomes AP Ventures and Aramco Ventures

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Careers at AquaHydrex

Join us as we revolutionize Green Hydrogen!

We’re building a culture at AquaHydrex where amazing people like you can do their best work. If you’re looking to work with purpose-driven, high-performing people while growing your career and addressing the largest problem facing humanity, you’ve come to the right place.

Current Job Openings:

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Working at AquaHydrex means doing interesting, cutting-edge research and being a part of a fun, talented team. If you care about the environment, like to work hard, and want to be a part of something revolutionary, this is the place to be.


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