Reimagining Electrolysis for Green Hydrogen

We’ve fundamentally redesigned water electrolysis to create the ideal platform for producing Green Hydrogen.

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The World Must Achieve Net Zero

Human activity is changing the climate for the worse. Energy systems must be quickly, practically, and cost-effectively transformed in order achieve full decarbonization to “Net Zero” climate neutrality where renewables power and produce just about everything. Some major sectors, though, are difficult to decarbonize because they can’t be directly electrified. What’s needed is a new clean energy solution.

The Power of Green Hydrogen

Decarbonization requires a clean, low-cost, and versatile molecule derived from zero carbon electricity. That’s where Green Hydrogen comes in. Global demand will be massive. According to Goldman Sachs, Green Hydrogen will be a €10 trillion addressable market by 2050.

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Water Electrolysis Redesigned

Low-cost production of Green Hydrogen is critical for humanity’s energy transformation. However, the legacy alkaline and PEM electrolysis technologies were designed in a different era and leave gaps in key areas required for massive and complete decarbonization.


AquaHydrex has taken a ‘right-to-left’ clean-sheet approach to redesign electrolysis to achieve an idealized Green Hydrogen platform suited to the needs of attaining Net Zero. We’ve focused not only on optimizing the electrolyzer stack but also on optimizing the scope of large-scale electrolysis projects to achieve the lowest LCOH (levelized cost of hydrogen).

What Makes the AquaHydrex Electrolysis Platform Unique

Low Capital Cost

Uses low-cost and widely available materials to minimize stack and system costs.

High Performance

Operates efficiently over a wide, high-output operating range.

Modular & Scalable

Simplified balance of plant and skid-based design that’s inherently deployable at any scale.


Produces high-quality, pressurized hydrogen (and oxygen).


Can directly tie to variable renewable energy (VRE) such as solar and wind.

Grid-Friendly and Grid-Supporting

Low-cost & efficient power architecture eliminates the need for harmonic filters and can be a dispatchable load to help balance the grid.

Achieving Net Zero Across Sectors

Our Green Hydrogen solution flexibly enables decarbonization across sectors, including:

  • Power
  • Heavy Industry
  • Fuels
  • Chemicals & Polymers
  • Agriculture
  • Heating

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Bringing World-Class Experience to Green Hydrogen

About Us

AquaHydrex was formed in 2012 by True North Venture Partners, a purpose-built operational investing firm for creating disruptive innovations that will help the world to achieve a clean and sustainable future. The roots of True North go back to the founding and scaling of First Solar and other successful companies. AquaHydrex is leveraging True North’s operational rigor and best practices through a great mix of young and proven talent inside the company to achieve transformation in Green Hydrogen.

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